September: LA, SF, and the General State of My Blog

Since returning from colorful and exotic Mexico City, I haven’t been in a photo taking mood. Instead of seeking out the wonders of the world around me, I’ve retreated into the mellow and shady world of a post-production man. Between trips to LA, I’ve spent more time at the apartment I pay dearly for.

The following photos help account for September.

Silver Lake signs.

Everyone eats ostrich eggs in LA. It’s the hip new thing.

Backyard pomegranates.

The master of the house.

Los Angeles, despite the good friends, isn’t a place I enjoy. It’s ugly, hot, and feels unhealthy. On a recent arrival back home, I was immediately amazed by how much better the air feels up here. It’s clean, moist, and smells of nature rather than exhaust and hamburgers.


Rock truck.

Spilling over.

The dirtiest Zipcar parking spots in town.

Convex lovers.


Misty meadow.

This is me when I play Trivial Pursuit.


Web 1.0


Ghosts in these woods.

Mossy golf.

The jungle will reclaim the seats.

Money wasted on fake owls.

Triple dings.

Bumped-up kicks.

Toilet truck.

A jicama snack, to remind me of Mexico.

Last Sunday, J and I walked to the nearby Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Cathedral for their annual Taste of Russia festival. I had wanted to see inside this building since moving to the neighborhood, and now I know why. The interior is rich with gold and classic iconography, comforting and timeless. The sights and smells brought back childhood memories.

After lunch, one of the priests gave a talk about the building and Orthodox religion. This was followed by a stirring choir performance.


These will do quite nicely.

Looking at the altar and screen from the nave.

A woman tends to spent candles.

A screen door.



Looking towards the dome.

Free used tire.

The little lot where a house used to be.

Likely, I will be only updating this blog once a month going forward. It seems like no one reads personal blogs like they used to, myself included. This won’t mean I’ve stopped taking photos, but rather I’ll wait until more interesting times to post them.

In the meantime, I plan to focus more on my Dordles, photography, and updating the overall design of my site. The latter is an large, but overdue, undertaking. I’m excited by how clean and bold my new photography and Dordle pages look, and I look forward to rolling out something new for everything. I hope that I can do this by the end of the year, but I’m not in a rush.

In other news, I’ll finally be going to Japan for two weeks later this year. More details to follow.

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