Miscellaneous October Post, New Computer

In keeping with the spirit of my inadequate September post, this is short and sweet assortment of moments from October.

Early in the month, a friend and his new wife visited. Food, biking, and Catan was enjoyed. A new variant of the latter involved “Devil’s Wheat Island”, a water isolated land of death, sadness, and yellow grain. Additionally, players were tempted by the “Devil’s Die”, whereby they could gamble resource cards on a number from one to six in hope of doubling their wager.

Later, I finished up work in two LA trips before finding myself a smelly bachelor for two weeks while J visited family.

Artisanal waffle.

Something to spire to.

Mangosteen. Expensive, but not duds. Brought me back to my Thailand days.

Longan. Cheaper, and equally nostalgic.

The pooper’s shed.

A homemade Thai dinner.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass crowds during Steve Earle.

N. and his shades.

The author looking old and sad.

Pulling aside the blanket to find the butt munching gopher.

Hawk Hill fence.

Bunker lounger.

J turret.

Point Bonita.

Our ride: Crusty Blue.

J walking on a Goldsworthy in the Presidio.

View from a lesser known park.

Old wall.

Katsu curry.

Double drains.

Scene from an office prom.

Greaser and Dice.

My nickname in high school.

Deposit unwanted blue babies here.

Life finds a way.

The foundation to a winter of ice-skating.

Crack plants.

Free table.


Wind blown canopy.

Scenic view to crappy restaurant.

Inside the dinky pavilion.

Lands End Lookout.

Slab bench.

Sea foam shingles.

Peeling brown under a blue sky.


My quad core Mac Mini arrived last Friday along with a 512 SSD and 16GB RAM upgrade. After a stressful install of the drive in the chassis’s tight quarters, I was up and running. As weird as it is to not have a laptop as my primary machine, this makes more sense from a cost/power ratio. Plus, it’s a screamer.

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