Final March Post

Spring in San Francisco: daylong road construction, self-imposed secret project deadlines, lack of income, burning things with a magnifying glass, listening to a neighbor vomit, enjoying being at home, taking walks around the neighborhood.

Flowers are blooming, the fog is rolling in, and life is good.

Conservatory of Flower Power.

Alarm clocks.

Geodesic wooden camper in the Outer Sunset.

Lone Baker Beach boy.

Hidden path of Baker Beach.

Vine, non app.

Flowering Cheeto tree.

The mystical dwelling of the wood primordial.

Looking out.

J at the threshold.

Urban jungle.

You had one job, brick layer.

Cool color combo at 1935.

Hostile gate, spikes pointed hellward.

Haunted apartments.



Geodesic detail.

Royal blossoms.

Blooming broccoli.


Cherry blossoms.


Walking through redwoods.

Minor bumper damage.

The gate.

A tear in reality.

God’s escape hatch.


This sign is fooling no one.


Gutter trash.

Loser of a toilet sack race.

Picket line.

Survey monument.

Lint exhaust.

Come and fight me, April!

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