A Mostly Colorful End to August

As the 8th month, August is the Eminem of the calendar.

In the northern hemisphere, it’s also usually considered the last gasp summer. But weather doesn’t work that way in San Francisco. As the rest of the country packs up their slip and slides and thong songs, we unbox our feathered bikinis and peace pipes for the Indian Summer.

While busy working on both work and personal projects, I’ve enjoyed taking these weekend photos.

They need to invest in some Head & Shoulders brand paint.

Siding overload.

Fake stones.

Back door action.

Building exhaust.

Colorful Victorians.

St. Ignacius Church.

I just missed the rapture.



Powerpoint Nuns.

OCD spitballer.



An ad classic.


Heraldic steps.

Moped with skateboard seat.

Mondrian burglar-proof window.

We all have our hopes and desires.

I know there’s a zombie invasion going on, but please no permit parking.

Classy houses.

Radiation detector.

Val Kilmer?

Jeep bee.

Painted staples.

No problem, I’ll just dump a bunch of pebbles right here.

The worst and only DMV in town.



True story.

In the name of love.






The incredible machine.

Fence issue.

Double dangerous.


Uh oh.

Sweaty car sack.

The amount of disassembly to change a headlamp bulb.

Mind the gap.

Two yachts.

A billionaire’s wind-catching phallus.

This will stop me.

High security and low security.


Lamp and tower.

Fog runner.

Municipal mosaic.

The uncrowded floor of the Ferry Building.

The crowded floor.

Architectural triumph.

Inside the Hyatt.

J trying to beat the waves to a secret beach.

Moss and rocks.

J unwinds.

Now it’s time to fly to where the rains are.

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