Thanksgiving Around Nashville

For Thanksgiving, J and I went to Nashville to stay with family.

It was a low-key holiday, and I used the time to relax, play with neices and nephews, build a variety of Lego objects, and contract a cold.

Since we arrived late, we spent the first night at the historic Union Station Hotel downtown.

Ceiling detail. Not pictured: a lost balloon.

Chaos stairs.


Deco eagle.

Inside a former post office.

Crenulated for your pleasure.

Squatting lamps.

Only happy tenants may park here.



B.B. King’s butthole.

River gauge.

Formerly farm supplies.

80s chic.

I’ve got my ash pipe.

Inside the sparklingly empty convention center.


An empty room.

Reach around panel.

The music of God, blared from public speakers embedded in utility boxes.

A delicious lunch.

Groceries fit for an army.

Rental wheels.

The old door.

She lightly played the piano while we slept.

Recliner controlled by chicken wing.

Improvising with Lego.

Smoking a turkey.

Luring a puppy into a Lego dog house with a morsel of food.



Young love.

Making paper cranes for centerpieces.



An old storefront.


Just who does she think she is?

Diplomatic immunity.

Time to shut this parade down, boys.

This year, I can check seeing the Hendersonville Holiday Parade of my bucket list. Only thousands more items to go!

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