Ninety-four Photos of January in SF

The dry weather has also been warm and without fog, and I’ve tried to enjoy it by going on long walks and short bike rides.

I’ve mostly been inside the apartment in a room I call Skunkworks HQ. Doubling down on my personal and hopefully career-switching projects hasn’t paid off yet, but I hope that it will soon. That’s the closest I will get to a 2014 resolution.

Working from home has its ups and downs. There is no commute, but also no human contact. There is plenty of time to do whatever, and much of it ends up getting squandered.

I’m enjoying the results of my effort. It feels good to care about making something again.

The following assortment of photos is a sample of what I’ve seen this month. For some reason there is a lot of signage.

Spring cleaning.

A tear.

Graffiti-on Tools.

Color coordinated van.

Liquor before beer.


The southern edge of The Richmond.

Crusty warning.

It’s turtles all the way down.

Drone accident.

The leaning tree.

Feeding ducks little potatoes?

Street pita.

Youth culture at duck lake.

Warning horns.

Homeward bound.

Where the band Three Doors Down got its name.

The little sniper door overlooking the cemetery at Mission Dolores.

Not welcome to my mat.

Green wall.

A lawn bowling wall.

Rear end.



Sewer issue.

Easter house.

Chicken portrait.

One bedroom for rent.

Daytime running light.

A weathered gate.

Low angle sun.

The shortcut.


Fog horn and Pt. Bonita.


Waves crashing at Mile Rock Beach.

Dusted sea foam.

Clean sea foam.

Sunset wanderers.


The vapor.


B. & Y.

A wonderful gradient.

The master quilter at work.

Insanity elevator.

Regressive portrait.

Bedazzled dash.

A jammed connection.

Two doors, awkward plant.

Coin operated view.


A large flock of plovers.

A mostly alive crab.

Big dog, non robotic.

Someone sells cones at this intersection.

Colorful, yet bland apartments.


The all-new 2014 Nissan Lettuce Dryer.

Too much.

Black sesame ice cream.

Stencil signage.

Taken moments before a fire truck drove by.

The Twin Peaks radio tower.

View from Tank Hill Park.

Angel sculpted from a single tree.

A rare unpaved driveway.

I think I smell a rat.

Skunkworks HQ.

Venting softness.


Old cardboard collecting truck.

Grey mood, grey wall.

No longer offering tea.

Mosaic letters.

Buzzer addendum.



Ivy mail.

Makeshift garage.

Makeshift repair.


Lot blocker.

Retro bank.

Shadows of gold.

Scenic Geary Blvd. architecture.

The amazing hand-lettering chaos of Wally’s Auto Shop.

Another view.


Miniature world.

Pull-to-talk fence.

Light slivers.

Clinton’s chair.

Mortal Kombat themed wash and fold.

February will likely be more of the same, but an exiting trip begins at the end.

The travel bug has laid eggs under my skin, and they are starting to itch. Only an international trip will provide a strong enough scratch. But as soon as I start scratching, it just itches more.

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