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At breakfast, I look at a screen and listen to music. On the bus, I look at a screen and listen to music. At work, I look at a screen and listen to music. On the way home, I look at a screen and listen to music. To relax after dinner, I look at a screen and run around virtual environments shooting people.

This seemingly sad routine is broken by outings in search of food and scenery. Flowers are blooming, ladies wear summery dresses, hooligans steals bikes and pry off license plates, and migrating whales can be seen near the shore.

I didn’t take photos for much of the above, but I did for the following:

Reflections at the ruins of Sutro Baths.


A curious gull.


Awkwardly placed landscaping.

Life finds a way.

Folk art lettering.

No amount of white washing can improve a crappy door.


The salty fog will eat through any gate.

Presidio walk.

Reverse psychology.

Nature’s gradient.

If only there was some place to store these pipes.

A forgotten car accident.

Ice plant flower level: magenta.

My tax dollars at work.

J the flower queen.

Off limits boardwalk.


A pissed off brewer’s blackbird.

The tall hydrofoil of a kite surfing board.

Sidewalk or stairs? Why not both!

Stair terrarium.

Doe a deer, an electrified deer.

Secret garden smelling of english ivy.

A multimillion dollar, wrapped packaged.

Wisteria ensnares a Victorian.

If it doesn’t fit in the gutter, you must acquit another.

Plant fingers.

Precision drone strike.

Our rides.

An even sadder memorial.

Pride of Madeira flowers are starting to bloom.

My second micro drone on its landing pad.

In flight.

Truck scab.

Our little X-wing.

Portal to basketball.

Blinds ruled paper.

An interesting mix of textures.

Making scones at home.

A finished sample.

A gopher’s view.

Our neighbor’s remodel has entered the creepy phase.

Space shuttle cockpit?

A quiet set.

Master control.

Trunk monkeys.

Cafe tables.

J Dawg the road hawg.


My new logo.


A nice grab logo.

Morning wood.

Harold’s house.

Red poppy.

The massive leaves of Chilean rhubarb.

A seed cone.

Meet me in the bamboo forest.

New growth.

A field of dying calla lilies.

The land almost before time.

Pumice protection.

Wall versus car.

While this blog has been getting less attention, I’ve been posting more photos on third party services like Instagram, Myspace, Friendster, MTV Forums, Xanga, Farmville, Craigslist, Geocities, and Lycos Groups.

May has started and I’ve already had some fun local adventures. But that’s fodder for another blog post.

Until then, I need to look at a screen and listen to music.

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