Banned From My Second Life

Violation: Community Standards: Disturbing the Peace

Every month or so, I kill a couple hours in Second Life. As it takes energy being constructive in this virtual world, I end up reverting to the most childlike and annoying behavior possible. In this case Bodunk Boram must have gone too far, as his actions got him banned for a day.

It all started simply enough with me flying to a random island and finding people to annoy. All I do is look for a a group of people on the map and teleport to them. Most often, they are relaxing on their virtual property and chatting to each other. Some times they are making modifications to a building, or riding a horse, dancing, or engaged in physical relations. Many of the random people’s environments I invade will say hello. These friendly people don’t interest me, and I return their kindness by flying merrily on my way.

Eventually I stumbled upon a group that got really annoyed with me even being on their virtual property. These are the equivalent of the real-world hillbillies who sit on their porches with a gun. The four avatars were hanging out inside a lushly appointed virtual cabin in the woods. They rather gruffly asked me to leave, so I did. Though in minutes, I had snuck up the back way and peered into their window. They starting flinging insults my way, so I responded in the best way possible: building a huge red cube outside their door. Then another by their window. Then another and another. Now their house was surrounded by garish red cubes, locked so that only I could remove them. They effectively destroyed the virtual atmosphere they were trying so hard to maintain. The avatars spilled out of the house and started chasing me. When the owner got close enough, he launched me thousands of feet into the sky, which put me out of control for about 5 minutes as I waited to fall to the ground.

To retaliate, I went back to the cabin and started building red towers. These towers were so tall that you could see them from anywhere in the island. I also built cubes at all of the road intersections and scattered randomly in the woods. The island was now an eyesore. People from other houses came outside and started wandering around looking at the towers and trying to figure out how to get rid of them. I had groups of people chasing me and sending me threatening instant messages and reporting me to the virtual authorities.

Good times.

Arguably, I’m just as sad as all the other people on Second Life. But, I at least don’t take my time there so seriously. My casual mission is to take the piss out of people who do.

July 6th, 2007. Categories / Second Life

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