Going Back to China!

The journey continues…

It’s official. As soon as the mounds of paperwork go through, I’m on my way to W+K Shanghai for six months of work. This has been a long time coming, but the start date looks solid before March. Now it’s just a matter of getting all my non-Peking ducks in order. I’m both excited and nervous over the forthcoming months, but regardless it’s a great opportunity.

Some Pro/Con Assumptions:


  • Will improve my creative skills, particularly in writing. I’ll be in more of a leadership position.
  • Is in a vibrant, though dusty Asian metropolis.
  • Good money.
  • Limited time frame, unless it turns into something longer.
  • J. will be there too.


  • I will be insanely busy and stressed.
  • Will feel a little lost in the beginning.
  • Won’t get to see J. as much.
  • Shanghai isn’t as nice to walk/bike around in as Beijing.

More news as it develops.

February 5th, 2009. Categories / China

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